Our Strategy


Strategy Icon1Gasol Upstream

Gasol plans to develop its own sources of field gas in West Africa and supply that gas for power generation, replacing more expensive imported fuel oil.

Gasol is focussed on acquiring and developing discovered gas opportunities as a more robust risk/reward proposition than an exploration-led strategy.

 Strategy Icon2  Gasol LNG Import

Gasol LNG Import has been working to develop an interim gas supply solution through the provision of regasified LNG.

The Company aims to sign gas sales agreements for regasified LNG to develop a gas market prior to substituting natural gas for LNG.

Gasol is currently developing LNG Import Projects in Malta and Benin.

Strategy Icon3Gasol Gas Infrastructure

Gasol intends to develop gas distribution infrastructure within countries in West Africa to increase the market for LNG and natural gas by providing access to gas to power plants and major commercial and industrial users.

Gasol will work in partnership with the national gas companies in the West Africa region to plan, finance and construct gas storage, distribution facilities, pipelines and local distribution networks.

Stategyicon4Gasol Power

Gasol Power intends to acquire equity positions in the power plants to which it supplies gas.

The objectives of these investments are to encourage the growth of gas-fired generation in West Africa, to substitute liquid fuel use and to use Gasol's influence in the power projects to cement its position as gas supplier to the projects.