The Market

While Gasol Upstream, Gasol Gas Infrastructure and Gasol Power's market focus is West Africa, Gasol LNG Import is internationally oriented

Gas Constrained Countries Worldwilde

Gasol LNG Import is working to develop gas supply solutions through the provision of regasified LNG in gas constrained nations in Europe and Worldwide.

Gasol LNG Import targets island economies such as Malta and markets where the predominant fuel source for power generation is diesel, light crude oil or other liquids.

The West African Gas Market Opportunity

Nigeria has the ninth largest gas reserves in the world,estimated at 182 trillion cubic feet, which represents the significant majority of natural gas in the region. However, approximately one third of Nigeria's gas production was flared in 2010 according to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Gasol aims to commercialise stranded gas in Nigerian and other countries along the Gulf of Guinea and supply the gas to power plants and industrial users in the West Africa region that currently operate on liquid based fuels.

West African Gas Market

West African demand for gas to power is growing. Total gas demand across Ghana, Togo, Benin and Cote d'Ivoire is estimated to be in excess of 750mmcfd.


Benefits of switching from liquid fuels to gas-fired generation and LNG in West Africa and other gas constrained nations

New power plants are planned in these countries, bringing more than 2,000MW of additional generation capacity, which are expected to be "gas-ready". In addition, most power plants in the region operate on liquid fuels and the cost of running power plants in this way is substantially higher than the cost of running on natural gas. The switch from liquid fuels to gas-fired generation will, Gasol believes, occur not only because of lower fuel costs for gas compared to liquid fuels, but also because:

  • Turbines perform more efficiently on natural gas than liquid fuels and have substantially reduced emissions (including particules). 
  • Turbines require less maintenance when running on natural gas, thereby lowering operational maintenance costs.
  • Turbine availability increases when running on natural gas thereby enabling more generation.

West African gas to power demand. Total regional potential gas demand: 750+ mmcfd